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Atashin'chi Manga

   Atashin'chi Manga
Jahr:   1994
Genre:     Drama   Comedy   Slice Of Life
Status:   finished
Autor:  Kera Eiko
Zeichner:  Kera Eiko
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The family presented in this manga is not your idealized perfect model family, but it is of a simple, ordinary and happy family that, although subtly existing amongst us, can be felt by everyone. Through the author’s observations of everyday family life, readers will, while reading this book, think back to their own mothers and think, “My mother was this kind of person too!” or “This type of thing happens in my family too!” It is because of this nostalgia that this manga has received much popularity in Japan and many other countries. AnimeNewsNetwork Links: [Season 1]( (sidestory) [Movie]( [Movie 3d 2010]( [Season 2](

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