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The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years Manga

   The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years Manga
Jahr:   2020
Genre:     Action   Fantasy   Adventure   Full Color   Monsters   Web Comic   Adaptation   Martial Arts   Magic   Demons   Reincarnation   Long Strip
Status:   ongoing
Autor:  Barnicle (따개비)
Zeichner:  KD-DRAGON (김덕용)
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Lucas Trowman was the greatest archmage in history until he was condemned by Demigod to spend eternity losing his mind. But 4,000 years later, he’s thrust back into this world, into the body of Frei Blake, the weakest, most un-talented student at the prestigious Westroad Academy for mages. After all this time, the world of magic has barely progressed. Could this be the work of Demigod? Determined to find out, Lucas seeks to reach the highest levels of power once again and get his revenge. --- **Links:** - [Original Webtoon ]( - [Official Indonesian Translation]( - [Official Japanese Translation]( - [Official French Translation]( - [Official Thai Translation](

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