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The Book of Lagier Manga

   The Book of Lagier Manga
Jahr:   2021
Genre:     Action   Fantasy   Adventure   Supernatural   Full Color   Monsters   Web Comic   Adaptation   Magic   Demons   Long Strip
Status:   ongoing
Autor:  Kim Junhyung (김준형)
Zeichner:  SIROO (시루)
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What happens when a good-for-nothing human prince signs a contract with an all-powerful Demon King? Well, the prince dies instantly, and the Demon King is forced to take his place. But wait, there’s another catch! As the new Prince Lagier, the Demon King is obligated to fulfill the prince’s last wishes or never return to his former body. Join the Demon King and his demon friends as he gets in shape, battles the Angels, and races against time to complete his missions before it\'s too late. --- - [Webtoon Trailer]( - [Original Webtoon ](

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