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   VERSUS Manga
Jahr:   2022
Genre:     Action   Fantasy   Sci-Fi   Tragedy   Supernatural   Monsters   Gore   Survival   Martial Arts   Magic   Demons
Status:   ongoing
Autor:  One
Zeichner:  Azuma Kyoutarou
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Humanity has been oppressed for hundreds of years due to the rise and invasion of the natural enemy \"demons\". The world was ruled by the \"Great Demon Lord\" and his 47 \"Demon Lords\". While people live in fear, 47 people selected from all over the world have been named \"Heroes\" and are preparing to fight against the Demon King\'s army. And now, a desperate operation with the survival of mankind on the line was about to begin.

Alle verfügbaren Kapitel für VERSUS

Kapitelname Ansichten Datum
VERSUS 1 1 2023-02-01 18:00:02
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