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What's Michael Manga

   What's Michael Manga
Jahr:   1984
Genre:     Drama   Thriller   Comedy   Slice Of Life   Sports   Crime   Award Winning   Delinquents   Animals   Mafia   Office Workers
Status:   finished
Autor:  Kobayashi Makoto
Zeichner:  Kobayashi Makoto
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(from ebookjapan): Michael\'s seemingly carefree daily life, with his pampering and begging for food, is thrillingly unpredictable, including a fall from the seventh floor and an interrogation on suspicion of theft of Pen Nibs! Michael\'s daily life created the golden age of cat manga that took the 1980s by storm! The \"dancing cat\" that won the Kodansha Manga Award, was made into an anime TV series, a TV drama, and even appearing in TV commercials. Michael, who, has become a hit with the general public, is back in digital form! Beware of the too cute cat! [Official English]( --- - **As mentioned in the description, What\'s Michael? Won the 10th Kodansha Manga Award for General Manga in 1986, shared with Osamu Tezuka\'s [Message to Adolf](**

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