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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie - Anime Comic Manga

   Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie - Anime Comic Manga
Autor:  Takahashi Kazuki
Zeichner:  Toei Animation
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Shougo Aoyama gets bullied a lot by his classmates, because he\'s too timid to duel, even after he got one of the most powerful cards in \"Magic & Wizard\", the \"Red-Eyes Black Dragon\". As soon as Seto Kaiba learns about Shougos rare card, he starts a big tournament in the city, to add this card to his collection. Attendance is absolutely mandatory for everyone who receives suche a invitation. Now Yuugi has to show Shougo how to become a true duelist. (This Anime-Comic adapts the first movie (the one from Toei in 1999))

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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie - Anime Comic 1 2023-08-12 13:23:09
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